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Game Dev Tycoon is so addicting...

February 8 2016 , Written by Dick Cooper Published on #Game Dev Tycoon, #Games

Hey all!

Been very busy lately with my job and also with a new game I've started playing: Game Dev Tycoon.

As you all can see the game is a lot of fun, but very hard too! That's why I use the free Game Dev Tycoon Guide with Combinations to get a perfect game. I have learned how to use cheats and mods, good combinations and more.

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Sorry Everyone, I've Been Busy

December 5 2015 , Written by Dick Cooper Published on #Personal, #Stardoll, #Games

Hey all,

I hope you're all doing well. Personally I've been really busy lately! I've been dealing with a lot of stress at work, but hopefully now that Christmas is coming I'll have more free time for this blog.

While I was gone I have received over 20 emails with people telling me their Stardoll Cheating successs stories which is amazing! Thanks a lot for all the stories.



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The Stardoll Cheats That I Discovered a Few Days Back

November 22 2015 , Written by Dick Cooper Published on #Stardoll, #Cheats, #Hack, #Games

A Stardoll Generator for Windows.
A Stardoll Generator for Windows.

Hi all,

So as I have promised, I'll talk about Stardoll Cheats in this post. What are they, how do they work and why do people use them? And perhaps the most important question: where can you get them?

To deal with the first question, cheats are generally codes, but sometimes even tools or programs that allow you to get advantages in games. In Stardoll there are several paid functions like Stardollars or Superstar membership. However, many can't afford to pay for things like that. Hence Stardoll Cheats (online generator) exist.

So how do you use a hack tool like the one mentioned above? Well, it's quite simple. Follow these steps in order to generate free Stardollars and Superstar status:

  1. Enter your Stardoll username
  2. Enter the amount of money etc. you need
  3. Click on the start button and let the Stardoll Hack do the work

So there you go! You have just added money and other useful items to your account.

I hope that I have informed you well and that you understand everything about Stardoll Cheats now. Good luck everyone and have fun playing Stardoll with your free Starcoins and Stardollars!

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Welcome to My Blog About Stardoll

November 22 2015 , Written by Dick Cooper Published on #Stardoll, #Games

Hello everyone!

My name is Dick Cooper. I am a 26 year old guy and I live in Dover with my girlfriend. We are both very interested in fashion, style and trends so no wonder we both play Stardoll.

In case you didn't know, Stardoll is a game that gives you the freedom to completely be yourself and choose your own style. There is a lot to do in the game, whether you feel like styling your in-game avatar or just being social and making new friends.

On my website here I will talk about different aspects of the game, strategies, guides, tutorials and more. Matter of fact in my next post I will tell you about some Stardoll Cheats that I discovered a few days ago.



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